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- your partner for Nordic real estate investments


Our goal is to be the preferred
local partner for commercial
real estate investors
– national or international



NJORD is an independent real estate investment firm investing in value add and opportunistic commercial real estate in the Nordic region. We focus on project investment, development, financing, leasing and transactions.

Since the millennium, our team has provided local and international investors with exceptionally strong risk-adjusted returns through first class asset management services, in-depth market knowledge and innovative financing solutions.

Our employees specialize in understanding current and future tenant requirements and what adds value to real estate users.

Our ambition is to be the preferred partner for real estate investment in the Nordics. With our local knowledge and capable investment and asset managers, our aim is to provide superior risk-adjusted returns for our investors. Currently, we are invested in and have under management office and retail properties in Norway, some of which are redevelopment projects.

Our investors include some of the most successful Norwegian family offices, private institutional investors and international fund managers/investors.

who we are
what we do



  • We co-invest with our investors in value add- and opportunistic real estate to ensure alignment of interests. We actively pursue assets that present asset management challenge

  • We asset manage our real estate projects actively, including image, press, design and marketing

  • We source risk capital for real estate investment

  • We raise financing for real estate investments

  • Every asset we acquire has a clearly defined plan to pro-actively increase the value of the investment. We take pride in embracing opportunities that demonstrate how we can add value 

  • Our professionals use a hands-on approach and ensure the quality of our key functions; analysis, acquisitions, financing, asset management, marketing, reporting and exit

  • We strive every day to unlock and utilize the inherent potential in commercial real estate, resulting in superior risk-adjusted returns. Our track-record is proven.



Christer Wennersten

Business Manager

+47 416 66 321


Prudent governance helps us develop our business in an ethical and profitable manner. Being a transparent and sustainable organization equipped to manage risk and make the right decisions is an essential part of our philosophy.

As an owner and operator of real estate, we know that the projects we invest in have an impact on the environment through our choice of energy sources, our waste management, type and focus of our renovation works, selection of construction materials and daily operating practices.

We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of the properties we manage through sustainable practices. We work hard to monitor and ensure active compliance within the spirit of the law and our high ethical standards.


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