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We undertake active and hands-on asset management – historically we have outperformed our peers

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Property development is identifying unlocked or hidden potential in all aspects of the project; from entry price, disclosure of inherent qualities, boosting of image, via possible changes, repositioning and overall improvements, to carefully considered exit.


When we analyze and make a business plan, investment management and asset management are integral parts in the process from preparation to exit. Only by working closely together in all stages and understanding the interrelated functions of all links in the chain, can we be certain of a positive outcome for our investments.

Outsourcing and collaboration in areas like concept development, design and advertising, ensures first class results connecting state-of-the-art knowledge with in-house expertise.

Asset management is anticipating, understanding and balancing the needs of our investors, stakeholders and tenants



  • Concept development, image, design

  • Development/repositioning

  • Marketing/advertising/press

  • Letting

  • Lease structuring

  • Tenant enhancement

  • Technical upgrades

  • Cash-flow optimization

  • Capital market value creation

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